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The Donkervoort Touring Club is an active club, run by members for members. In addition to driving together as a club, sharing experiences and good times are the club’s core values. The DTC organises an event every month from March to October. These events can be one-day trips, but also weekend and week tours. DTC sets out the routes in a GPX file which you can download on a TomTom or Garmin navigation system, or onto your phone using the TomTomGo app.

For multi-day events, DTC also books the hotels and takes care of dinners. Usually, we leave it up to participants to decide where to have lunch.

The tours are only available to members and you can only participate with a Donkervoort.  If you have a Donkervoort and are interested in participating, you can request more information by clicking on the ‘I’m interested’ button.  The DTC will then contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Below you’ll find the Events Programme for 2022.

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Northern Netherlands tour. A week of driving in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. It will be a world trip, passing by well-known global place names such as: Siberia, Egypt, East India, the North Cape, and many more. A fun experience.

We’ll start in Hoogeveen, spend the night in Groningen, and end the trip in Vollenhove.




A day trip has been planned for June; this has yet to be organised. Would you like to go on a day trip in your own area?


This year we’re going to the Haute Savoie. The land of the great lakes, the Mont Blanc, beautiful mountain passes, and sun.

Day 1: Meet at a hotel in Northeast France.

Day 2: Drive along a beautiful route to a hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva. We will stay in this hotel for 4 nights.

On day 3, 4, and 5, we’ll drive various routes in different directions. You’re free to take a day off and relax.

Day 6: Return to the hotel where we met on day 1.

Day 7: After breakfast, everyone goes their own way.


Day Tour July

The day tour has turned into a weekend!

The start of the weekend is somewhere along the Linge, in between Gorinchem and Leerdam. The usual coffee with something tasty will be ready for you at the starting location.

After a route through the country of Brabant we will end the day with drinks, dinner, an overnight stay and breakfast in a hotel close to Eindhoven. A beautiful location on a 25 hectares property. When possible, they work with regional products.

On Sunday there will be a surprising route which will end nearby Veenendaal. A beautiful finish in the middle of our country. Of course drinks and bites will be ready for you.


There is another day trip scheduled for August. We’ll drive from Brabant to the West of the country.


The highlight of the year, through Germany and Austria to the Dolomites.

Day 1: Meet for the welcome cocktail and dinner at a hotel near Stuttgart.

Day 2: Via the Black Forest to the Bodensee and to our hotel in Austria after visiting a Zeppelin.

Day 3: Beautiful route to the Dolomites through several mountain passes. We will stay in the hotel there for 3 nights.

Day 4 and 5: Various activities of your choice departing from the hotel, but routes have of course been planned for die-hards for every day.

Day 6: After breakfast we say goodbye and you decide if you’ll head home in 1 go or book another night’s accommodation to reminisce on a beautiful week.


The day tour for this month is not yet planned, so the same applies as for the day trip in June.


From all points of the compass weekend.

Routes have been set out to our hotel somewhere in the middle of the country from the three starting locations.

Instead of a standard dinner in the evening, a cooking workshop led by a professional chef is planned. A fun way to close out an active year.

After breakfast, there are another three routes that will take you back to your starting location via a different route.