Events info

The Donkervoort Touring Club is an active club, run by members for members. In addition to driving together as a club, sharing experiences and good times are the club’s core values. The DTC organises an event every month from March to October. These events can be one-day trips, but also weekend and week tours. DTC sets out the routes in a GPX file which you can download on a TomTom or Garmin navigation system, or onto your phone using the TomTomGo app.

For multi-day events, DTC also books the hotels and takes care of dinners. Usually, we leave it up to participants to decide where to have lunch.

The tours are only available to members and you can only participate with a Donkervoort.  If you have a Donkervoort and are interested in participating, you can request more information by clicking on the ‘I’m interested’ button.  The DTC will then contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Below you’ll find the Events Programme for 2023.

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Central Netherlands

A beautiful route through the central part of The Netherlands. With a visit to a location which, as a car enthusiast, you don’t want to miss. Also the location where we will have lunch. At the end we will have our usual consumption with a snack.

Eastern Netherlands

We will visit a car restoration company where e.g. classic cars are being restored. They will give an explanation on what is involved in a good quality spray job. Afterwards there will be a nice drive through the surrounding area.

Weekend abroad

The plan is to stay in or around Vianden for a couple of nights. This will allow us to go for a tour in Germany and one in Luxembourg.

Day tour Brabant

This day tour is still being worked on by one of our loyal members and his co-driver. As the organizer lives in Brabant, the ride will take place in Brabant.

Alps and Dolomites

Don’t pass for passes! Join us to the Alps and Dolomites. The way to experience your Donkervoort on roads that are never straight (forward).
In 5 days we will drive 10 mountain passes in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Optionally, you can book a visit to the classic car event in Arosa, Switzerland.

Day tour Northern Netherlands

One of our members knows the roads in the north of our country like no one else. He will organize a day tour in this region of The Netherlands.

Zeeland Weekend

A region where we haven’t been in a while but definitely worth a visit. The most hours of sunshine are to be found in Zeeland. A great place to finish our season in October.

In cooperation with Only For Men, they will show us their newest store and latest Donkervoort fashion line.