Frequently Asked Questions

The Donkervoort Touring Club is an active club, run by members for members. In addition to driving together as a club, sharing experiences and good times are the club’s core values. The DTC organises an event every month from March to October. These events can be one-day trips, but also weekend and week tours. DTC sets out the routes in a GPX file which you can download on a TomTom or Garmin navigation system, or onto your phone using the TomTomGo app.

For multi-day events, DTC also books the hotels and takes care of dinners. Usually, we leave it up to participants to decide where to have lunch.

The tours are only available to members and you can only participate with a Donkervoort.  If you have a Donkervoort and are interested in participating, you can request more information by clicking on the ‘I’m interested’ button.  The DTC will then contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Below you’ll find the Events Programme for 2022.

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Is DTC an independent club?

The DTC is a fully independent club. It is however the only Club which is officially recognised by the factory.

Can I become a member of DTC?

You can only join if you own a Donkervoort. We do not make any distinction between year or type. You can register via the DTC website.

Can I join as an aficionado?

Aficionados who do not own a Donkervoort can join as a patron (B-member).  B-members are, when possible, given the opportunity to ride with an A-member.

Can I participate in DTC events?

Only members can participate in DTC events. However, the club allows participation in events for non-members several times a year. You must then request participation via the website.

Can I also ride with a Donkervoort owner?

You can register as a B-member. You’ll then also have insight into the organised events. You can always request a ride with a driver who has a spare seat. Riders are not obliged to meet this request.

Does DTC also organise races?

DTC is a touring club and therefore does not organise races.

Can I advertise on the Donkervoort Touring Club website?

It is as of yet not possible to advertise on the DTC website.